I don’t usually have much luck with zucchini. Either my vines rot or my kids pick the flowers before they can pollinate or I wake up to leaves covered in powdery mildew. While my friends up North are bragging about zucchini bread, spiralized zucchini pasta, and side dishes of zucchini, I’m looking at once flourishing … More Zucchini

Carrot Planting Tips

Carrots are a favorite standby of adults and kids alike…..but do you know how to grow them? Here are some carrot planting tips! Originally printed in HealthSource Magazine My 8 year old is a jokester. He also dislikes vegetables. He’s not one of those spit it out and throw a tantrum in the middle of … More Carrot Planting Tips

How to Plant Spinach

November. It’s the month of giving thanks, of harvest and of plenty. On Florida’s First Coast, it’s also a perfect time to put in your fall garden with a featured vegetable – spinach! While the rest of the country is harvesting the last of the season’s vegetables before winter sets in, Floridians are enjoying the … More How to Plant Spinach