Engaging with Local Food

KyV Farm is proud to be part of the local farm community. As part of a close knit, interconnected farm network we love to support other farm’s educational programs and opportunities. By growing together, we’ll grow stronger and make a greater impact in the community in regards to health, wellness and environmental impacts.

Local Food can be as local as your own home and garden!

Beet Photo from Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness

One of the founders of Cognito Farm, Sandra “Sam” Williams will be teaching “Engaging with Local Food” through the Flagler College Lifelong Learning Program starting 1/16/2016.

The 6 week course will include hands-on experience growing herbs, sprouts, making sourdough bread, lax-fermented pickles, yogurt and more. Students will also take farm tours, meet farmers and restaurant owners, and learn how to distinguish truly local food from imposters.


The class is $49 for all 6 weeks. Click here to register.
Get powerful information to help you Engage with Local Food by Liking the course’s Facebook page.

Sam has been a longtime friend of KyV Farm and helped the local food movement though her research and lobbying efforts. She was involved in changing Florida’s Farm Tour laws, as well as some production laws.


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