The Biggest Reason We Love Our Small Farm

In our humble opinion, there’s no other way. We’ve got to support local farms. Learn why in this week’s post…

The Biggest Reason We Love Our Small Farm

Digging in the dirt

We all know the drill. Work, school, rushing here, rushing there. Laundry, cleaning toilets, grocery shopping. Add social media on top of that.

Life is flying by. Are we actually living our lives? Would we look back on the past week/month/year and feel like we were actually present during most of that time? Or were our minds on the 1000’s of other things we had to get done?

A few years ago I would have said no. I wasn’t present. Nor was I present for the previous ten or so years. Life was (and is) flying by like a kite in the wind, the anchor string slipping through our fingers.

Thankfully I recognized this, put the brakes on and vowed to work towards being as present as possible. Being part of the CSA at my small farm is one of those ways. And I say “my” small farm because this is how we all need to think of it. We need to band together to support our local farms before they’re gone. Not only for the food that nourishes our bodies, but because they invite us, by the very nature of what they are, to put down the social media and get our hands dirty. Connect with mother earth. To slow down and talk to the people that put work, love and time into growing our food.

It’s not the same feeling I get from the managers at the mega-grocery stores on every corner.

Their job is to increase revenues. Their job is a job. It’s not a labor of love. I have no fond memories of potlucks with fellow grocery store patrons, hayrides around the parking lot, and picking my very own boxed, processed foods off the shelves. But I have lots of such memories like this with my daughter at the farm. In fact, writing this brings tears to my eyes.

When was the last time you teared up thinking about your WalMart Super Center?

KyV Farm

I remember that first day we went to pick up our vegetables.

We weren’t sure where to go….until we saw this little house and heard Vivian’s welcoming voice. We selected our vegetables and chatted about the weather. Happy, healthy chickens were walking about, pecking and scratching. Telling us their stories with their quiet, gentle voices.

A few weeks later we went to our first member potluck. I met Heather, Jane, Anna, Melanie and Kathleen – just to name a few. Like minded people, all interested in taking some time to sit, and enjoy a bite to eat and talk. Actually look at each other and talk.


My daughter and I clomped out to the fields in our rubber boots and dug our hands into the soft soil to pull beautiful purple, gold, white and fingerling potatoes. She crouched down and pulled beans off the plants, the sun shining through her hair and sat on my lap as we rode the hayride behind the tractor.

Picking Beans

I was so happy to have those connections, those experiences with my daughter and with the other members that I wanted to get involved more.

I helped Vivian with some “Know Your Vegetables” workshops. We prepped and cooked and shared info with the group that came to learn. We all agreed that even though each of the five dishes was made completely of vegetables, we’d never tasted anything so delicious or satisfying.


In fact, I decided to include my daughter in my cooking to teach her the life skills she’ll need to be able to feed herself real FOOD in the future.

To enjoy the prep work, the hands-on creative process and the pride in the finished product. An experience that will never come with the McDonald’s drive through or tearing open a frozen food package to heat in the microwave. My seven-year-old is so comfortable with cooking that she’ll now think of what she wants to make, scour through cookbooks and attempt to make it herself – only asking me for help when she has a question on measurements. I’m so proud of the time we’ve spent together. Time that I’d missed, I’d never get back.

So that’s it. My biggest reason is the CONNECTION – with my daughter, with the farm, the members and the earth. There is no replacement for it. Next time you’re at the grocery store, think….is it worth the time to slow down, support a local farm, enjoy real, fresh vegetables and enjoy the process?

Written by Dawn Hutchins, KyV farm member, volunteer coordinator and owner of Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness. Visit her website, and learn how to easily and deliviously cook KyV farm vegetables to lose weight, sleep better, have glowing skin and feel amazing! Get her 3-Day Clean Food Plan full of delicious recipes and info to start you on your way. 100% Free!

We’d love to hear your experiences! Please share in the comments or send us a story for a future blog post!


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