KyV at Native Sun – Join Us in Supporting Local

We were excited to be part of Native Sun’s grand opening in Jacksonville Beach along with friend, member and volunteer coordinator Dawn Hutchins from Florida Coastal Cooking & Wellness.

Because we’re a local farm, supporting the local community, we also love to support other local businesses.

Dawn & Vivian
Dawn & Vivian

Are you the kind of person that makes a point to shop local and wants to eat clean but don’t know where to start? Maybe the thought of all those veggies is overwhelming. We have the perfect option for you!

Learn how to eat clean through Dawn Hutchins’ free 3-Day Clean Food Plan – perfect to jumpstart your metabolism and get you on a track to healthy eating. The plan is packed with plant-based recipes to get you started. But…..

You’ll need plants! Join KyV’s CSA membership for local, organic veggies and dried grains, seeds and beans to use in the plan – AND get to meet like minded people interested in health and wellness when you join. (Options to order online and options for delivery!)

For all your other needs – like dried fruits, nutritional yeast, nut butters etc, visit Native Sun Natural Foods Market. 

Your Turn

What are your favorite ways to support local? Do you have any shout outs for any local businesses? Let us know in the comments – who they are and why you love them?

Join KyV and be able to tell all your friends….

Click here to join today!

My Veggies


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