What’s the Buzz? by Suzanne Tonkinson

What's the Buzz?
What’s the Buzz?

Welcome to our What’s the Buzz column.

News from the hive!

It has been estimated that 1 out of 5 bites of our food depend on pollinators.

There has been an increase loss of Honey Bees, which has encouraged us to wake up and pay attention.

Toxic pesticides and genetically modified plants affect our health and the health of the Honey Bees. I am a happy member of KYV ! I am thrilled to buy Local Seasonal Organic Produce!! I am also fortunate to be a part of growing group of “backyard” beekeepers who are increasing the numbers of beehives in Florida.


We need healthy Bees and Plants and the two work together to create nutrient rich foods to nourish us.

Honey Bees are valuable members of KYV Farm. Our CSA, relies on these sweet ladies to work, pollinating blooms and gathering nectar for honey. I would like to honor the Honey Bees with the occasional article covering fun bee facts and honey related topics and recipes.

Suzanne Tonkinson is a KyV Farm member and provides honey for farm members, friends and family!

Enrolling now for fall CSA membership! Join today and pay one fee up front and get veggies throughout the growing season, access to the members-only children’s garden, workshops, dinners, events and more!

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