Incubating Our Small Farm Dream

The idea was a little hare-brained: take no land, very little money, and no farm experience, and turn it into a sustainable farm.

Ruffled Feathers Farm

When we first set out to create Ruffled Feathers Farm I was idealistic and Nick was willing to try anything for me. Luckily, we met KyV at the very beginning, and with their help, we’re now entering our third year in business and our plans are bigger than ever.

Ruffled Feathers Farm

All over the country, farm incubator projects are helping new farmers gain experience, access land and build businesses with the support necessary to get through the first few years. By giving us access to land, equipment, their varied skills, and their supportive community of customers, KyV showed us that our farm dream was worth working for, and enabled Ruffled Feathers Farm to become a real and growing business. Now, as we enter our third year of operation, we’re ready to “hatch.” We’ve got our sights set on a farm of our own.

Ruffled Feathers Farm

It will be a busy year making it happen – we will excitedly share developments as they occur!

Article contributed by Katie from Ruffled Feathers farm

Katie from Ruffled Feathers Farm
Katie from Ruffled Feathers Farm

Get Ruffled Feathers Eggs along with your Wednesday veggie pickups when you join KyV Farm and Ruffled Feathers for this coming fall season!

Ruffled Feathers Farm


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